Newsletter design is one of the main services that Contribute offer.

We’ve just taken delivery of Flourish, the annual update of Interfaith Glasgow. This is the second issue that we’ve had the privilege of designing for one of our long-standing clients. This issue builds on the design style established in the first issue with a few minor tweaks.

We must say that we’re over the moon with the finished product… and more importantly, so is our client!

Our main creative, Gerry Donnelly, has a track record in designing newsletters and magazines. Gerry’s first job was in publishing, working for the magazine division of a national newspaper. Whilst he worked there he had the privilege to work on publications for Celtic FC, Rangers FC, and Scottish Rugby. It was a fast-paced environment where a designer’s page layout skills had to be second to none. 

Later in Gerry’s career, he became the Head of Design for another magazine publisher. This time he was designing, and overseeing the production of, publications for high street fashion stores and a well known Scottish magazine focussing on dance music and club culture. In total there were four magazines that Gerry had to ensure were designed to the highest standard and met their print deadlines.

Gerry commented:

“I have plenty of experience working in publishing. I now take my experience and knowledge and apply it to publications for our clients such as ‘Flourish’ for Interfaith Glasgow. That publication is a really nice one to work on as it’s so colourful and vibrant. Our client always ensures that the photography that is used is of the highest quality as well. This makes a huge difference.”

We’re really pleased that Interfaith Glasgow like the second issue of Flourish. It was a really nice project to work on. To find out how we can apply our vast knowledge and experience of newsletter design to your publications, get in touch with our team today. Call us on 0141 241 6354 or use our Contact page.