Over the years we’ve found it really beneficial to focus some of our marketing strategy around the holiday seasons.

Finding new clients is always important to a growing business, but so is keeping in contact with your current client base. The people who have already done business with, who you’ve built up a working relationship with, who have already spent money with you. Apart from keeping your client bank up-to-date with what’s happening with your business, through things such as email marketing, push the boat out during the holiday seasons.

Put thought into it!

The most obvious holiday to focus on is Christmas. In the build-up to the festive season, everyone is getting into the party mood and most people are looking forward to enjoying themselves with friends and family. Sending a client a card or a gift at Christmas shouldn’t just be part of your marketing strategy… it’s the perfect opportunity to wish people well! Don’t send a generic card that you’ve bought as a pack of 100, put some time, effort, and thought into it. We always send out branded cards and emails and personalise them so your clients know that you are talking directly to them and not just as part of a generic mailout! We also work with our clients to come up with unique ways to keep them front of mind with their clients. Whether that’s nicely designed cards, Christmas hampers, or a gift that’s unique to their industry. We once sent a road haulage company a massive branded lorry that was full of sweets!

There are also some other holidays to consider. Valentines Day is also a great holiday to contact clients. Think along the lines of ‘we love doing work for you’. We once did this and accompanied it with a huge box of chocolates that our clients could share amongst their staff! It’s also a good way of building relationships with potential customers with a ‘we’d love to work with you’ theme.

Feeling the love in your marketing strategy

When writing your marketing strategy, oftentimes people think about how they can keep in contact with their clients but sometimes they need to feel the love as well! It’s great to plan how you are going to build relationships with new and potential clients, but don’t neglect the people who’ve already worked with you when writing your marketing strategy. Focus on maintaining and growing these relationships. Apart from keeping happy customers who will continue to use your services, they will most probably pass your name to their contacts.

For our marketing strategy, we have a section dedicated to current clients. This is always accompanied by a yearly diary with important dates. We then have a clear plan of what we are going to send and when. Believe me when I say, the extra time and expense of doing this will pay dividends in the future.

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