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Branding is key to any business that wants to engage with a target audience. An engaging brand identity gives your business a public face. It’s not just a logo that your customers remember; it’s the typography and design style that is applied to the things that they receive from you. It’s about the tone of the marketing message and the type of language that you use when speaking to them.

At Contribute we create brand identities that engage your current and prospective clients, enable your business to stand out from your competitors and help you sell your products or services. Often we will develop a brand identity as a part of a ‘logo design’, but we also work with existing logos and simply refine them to enhance the businesses brand identity.

Once we have developed your brand identity we consistently apply it to the things that you pass to your customers: like business cards, leaflets, brochures, exhibition stands and newsletters, all the things that keep you and your business front of mind with your customers. It’s for this reason that the consistent application of your brand is vital.

Contribute have over 20 years experience of developing and overseeing the consistent implementation of a variety of brands. Our creatives have worked with businesses large and small, all with the aim of building their brands and helping them talk to their target audiences. Contact us to find out how we can make a meaningful contribution to your business.

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