Defining The Orry Mill brand in their own brand guidelines.

We were recently contacted by the guys at The Orry Mill, a new Wool Yarn and Haberdashery shop in Eaglesham. Owned by Thilde Folke Olsen, The Orry Mill offers everything the avid knitter would need as well as a selection of gifts and workshops and classes for anyone who would like to give knitting and crocheting a go.

The name ‘The Orry Mill’ refers to the open space in Eaglesham known as ‘The Orry’ (Old Scots for ‘area’) in which there are the remains of a cotton mill. The mill and the village were designed by Lord Alexander Eglinton, but built by his brother Archibald. The Eglinton family were responsible for a series of cotton mills and key agricultural developments throughout the late 18th and early 19th Century.  The area of Busby, Eaglesham, Clarkston and Newton Mearns as small villages all had water-powered cotton mills, and this drove the development of these villages, the buildings, geography and layout as we see it now.

Establish a unique look through their brand guidelines

We were asked to work with their current brand and produce a set of brand guidelines that would establish their own unique look and develop the personality of the business. The logo had a traditional feel to it but they also wanted something that was inspired by ‘Scandic’ design, a nod to Thilde’s Danish heritage.

We were also asked to produce an illustration that served as a reminder of the important role the cotton industry had in Eaglesham. The original mill once had a prominent position in the town and played a huge part in the lives of the local people.

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