WordPress is a powerful Content Management System that allows you to take control of your website.

During an initial meeting with a new client, they spoke about the frustrations they had with their current site, the main one being they couldn’t update the content themselves. Their current ‘web designer’ is actually a large communications company. Essentially the company had built the website on their own platform, using one of their templates, and if their customers want to update their site they need to send any changes to them and they will update it for them. This guaranteed the communications company a rather large monthly retainer but sadly left their customers very little control over their website.

We use WordPress to build websites. WordPress is one of the leading Opensource Content Management Systems (sorry for the jargon!). Basically, it gives us the scope to build some great sites that are capable of some great things, including e-commerce so you can sell products or courses online. It also puts our clients in control of their website. As part of every website we build we produce a ‘Step-by-Step’ guide to updating pages and publishing blog posts. The WordPress dashboard is really simple to navigate through, but just to ensure our clients don’t get lost we give each client some training on how to use their new site, as well as their Step-by-Step guide. Apart from that, we’re always just one phone call or an e-mail away!

Our new client thought the initial ‘cheap’ website their original web designers had put together for them would give them the web presence they wanted… sadly they were wrong. It’s actually been a pretty costly exercise that’s left them with a site that doesn’t engage their target audience with high monthly costs.

If you need a help navigating through the maze of buying a website get in touch with us. We make things easy whilst giving you a site that hits the mark.

Here are some more reasons we use WordPress….

WordPress is User-Friendly

The program is open-source and it was designed with users in mind to bring all the possibilities of site creation to the masses. It’s constantly being updated to utilise feedback from users, and this means it’s getting more user-friendly all the time for both webmasters and for site visitors. Many elements of the program are based on intuitive design, and new users quickly understand exactly what to do to customize their website.

Users Get to Add Customisable Themes

Themes are a major reason why people choose this platform. Themes work like skins that create the look you want in your site. With WordPress themes, the possibilities really are endless. Even the themes themselves are easy to customize.

WordPress has Plug-ins Galore

Plug-ins are another way to customise your site to add lots of really great features. Plug-ins are software that’s already been coded to provide lots of different functions. Plug-ins can be used to add clocks, calendars, site stats, webmaster tools, and lots of useful additions to your site. They can be used to add media players, including ones that support both audio and video. The most popular plugins are automatically included with basic WordPress.com sites. WordPress.org users can extend their sites even further by downloading less popular plugins that can add an almost infinite number of features to their websites.

WordPress is SEO-friendly

As there are so many tools built to make WordPress sites search engine friendly, these sites often rank well in search results. The sites are coded according to very high standards, and some of the plugins that come with your site are designed specifically to help with SEO. These plugins help users evaluate title tags, meta tags, keyword use, and other factors that can have an impact on search engine friendliness.

Easy to Manage

WordPress sites are also easy to manage. Each one features a user-friendly dashboard where you can manage all the different elements of your site. From here, you can also update your themes and plugins to ensure that your site is always using the most cutting-edge versions of these programs. Updating to the newest version is as easy as clicking a single button.

WordPress is Easy to Back Up

Backing up a website means making sure none of the data gets lost, and also that your page itself is backed up in the event that something goes wrong with your computer. This can save lots of time and frustration when things do go wrong. Having a saved copy protects your site from any accidents involving bad coding when something new gets added. If that ever occurs, simply upload your saved copy, and the site is like new again. Backing up the site frequently means always having a recently saved version to protect your site again these types of occurrences.

It’s Versatile

No matter what kind of site you want to create, there are themes and plug-ins that can be used to create websites of any kind. Whether you want a photography website that is filled with crisp images, a web shop where you can sell goods and get paid through Paypal or with credit cards, an arcade where people can go to play games, or a password protected site for members only, WordPress can make it happen. It can also be used to create a simple blog or topic website that consists of primarily text. Whatever you want your site to do is possible with a WordPress site.

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