Photography can be challenging. You can make sure all of your kit is working and fully charged. You can make sure everyone is fully briefed on what they should be doing. What you can’t predict however, is the weather!

Last weekend I took a trip up to Glassford Day Nursery to take a few pictures for their website. Scotland is a beautiful country when the sun is shining. When it’s not however, it can look rather grey and bleak. Luckily when we arrived at Glassford the sun had his hat on! The sky was a glorious blue colour and everything seemed to look that little bit nicer. The colour of the childrens toys were amplified, the grass seemed to be greener and the blue sky gave us an excellent backdrop to some of the shots.

Photography in the Scottish climate

The shots taken outside the building were a particular success. Taking pictures in our, somewhat, unpredictable climate can mean that I need to rely on Photoshop to warm the pictures up and inject a bit of colour. Not on our photoshoot in Glassford however! We couldn’t have asked for nicer weather. Our client had an idea what they were looking for but mainly left us to our own devices. We talked them through what we were aiming to achieve and they were more than happy for us to carry on.

Their site is at the build stage at the moment but I will post an update once the site has gone live.

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