Producing effective marketing material is vital to any business or organisation. One organisation we work with is Fair Deal.

We’ve been working with Fair Deal for a couple of years now on a variety of marketing materials. From designing and printing leaflets that enhances their brand and enables them to talk to specific target audiences, interviewing staff to promote social care as a career and filming footage of their various activities including their ‘Help Yourself Grow’ gardening project. We worked alongside their management team to capture the work of Fair Deal with the aim of attracting new people to the organisation and highlighting the great work of the team to external stakeholders such as the Care Inspectorate.

A variety of marketing material

The projects were really helped by the team having a clear vision for the message they wanted to get across to their target audience. After the initial brief they really left it to us to manage the projects and design some eye catching material.

One of the highlights of working with Fair Deal was filming footage of their sports event in Nethercraigs. We also used our photography skills to capture this really fun event. The difficult part was editing the footage and deciding what parts to leave out!

When approaching a project like Fair Deal’s marketing material one of the most important things that we do is listen. We listen to what our clients want to achieve and who they want to talk to. We use a variety of skills to ensure their projects are a success. For more information about how we produce marketing material please have a look at our Graphic Design page

If you would like to enhance your brand or talk to your target audience in an effective manner, then get in touch. Our branding, web design, photography and film editing skills will make a real positive impact on your business or organisation.