A client testimonial from SF Mahzar

It’s always nice when a client really likes the work that you do, but it was still a pleasant surprise when I opened up, the recently published, novella ‘the Elementals’. We had the pleasure of designing the cover for SF Mahzar, the second one we have worked on for her.

The design of The Elementals book cover was a slight departure from the other book cover designs in the Power of Four series from SF Mahzar. It still had a dark, menacing feel but rather than featuring the green eyes that has featured in the top half of the other books, this book features four mysterious figures. This was another composite image that we put together. The three figures are actually individual figures that have been cut out and colour corrected so the image appears to be seamless. 

Client testimonial in print 

When we took delivery of our copy it was a really nice surprise to open up the first page and see a really nice thank you from the author. 

“A very big thank you to Gerard Donnelly, from Contribute, for turning the vague idea in my head into beautiful reality.” SF Mahzar

We’ve worked with Safina a couple of times before and it’s always been a pleasure to design some really eye catching covers. It’s still a great feeling, walking into a bookstore and seeing our work on display. It’s even better when you see someone take a copy from the shelf and look over the front cover.

The Elementals tells the backstory of characters that are mentioned in the main ‘Power of Four’ novels. Check out the series so far http://amzn.to/1N7ubv9

If you are writing a book and would like our creative input when it comes to designing the book cover, just get in touch with our team. Either call us on 0141 241 6354 or use the form on our Contact page to send us a message.

Client testimonial