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The Orry Mill Illustration
Brand Guidelines

The Orry Mill

We created brand guidelines and a bespoke illustration for the guys at The Orry Mill, a Wool Yarn and Haberdashery shop in Eaglesham.

The Orry Mill is an independent contemporary yarn shop located in Eaglesham on the Southside of Glasgow They run regular classes and workshops for crafters. The name ‘The Orry Mill’ refers to the open space in Eaglesham known as ‘The Orry’ (Old Scots for ‘area’) in which there are the remains of a cotton mill. The mill and the village were designed by Lord Alexander Eglinton, but built by his brother Archibald. The Eglinton family were responsible for a series of cotton mills and key agricultural developments throughout the late 18th and early 19th Century.  The area of Busby, Eaglesham, Clarkston and Newton Mearns as small villages all had water powered cotton mills, and this drove the development of these villages, the buildings, geography and layout as we see it now.

Specialisms covered:

Specialisms covered:

Brand Guidelines
Brand Guidelines

We were asked to capture this important local landmark in an illustration that could be used on a variety of items such as their new website, social media, and internal shop signage. Not only was the illustration to capture the actual mill but also significant buildings that make up the main thoroughfare through Eaglesham. Our client wanted to remind people about the important role that The Orry Mill had played in local history and how it had been at the heart of their community.

Creating brand guidelines

We were also asked to develop brand guidelines for their recently created brand. The brand guidelines are essentially an instruction manual about how the brand should be communicated to their target audiences. It sets out how the individual brand elements should be used to ensure consistency across all items that they may have produced by external suppliers. The document covers:

  • The Brand Story and History
  • Tone of Voice and Strapline
  • Logo Usage
  • Secondary Brand Element
  • Logo Misuse
  • Typography
  • Colour Palette
  • Image Usage
Brand Guidelines
Brand Guidelines

For more information about The Orry Mill, to buy some of their wonderful products or to take part in one of their workshops, please visit