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The Mortgage Advice Solutions team provides professional and friendly mortgage and life protection advice, both over the phone and in person. They help thousands of people each year to make the next move on the property ladder or find a new mortgage deal that suits their needs. We were approached to refresh their brand and update their website.

The original brand featured a ‘marker graphic’ which was used to signify a destination or somewhere of great importance, as you would find on a digital map. The brief we had was to update the graphic and make it bespoke to our client’s business, make it easily recognisable so they can build their brand, and also refresh the type that was used in the main logo. Our client liked the typeface from the original logo but as it appeared on one single line, slightly detached from the main graphic, we worked on making the logo more of a ‘unit’ rather than a graphic with text.

Specialisms covered:

Specialisms covered:

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We also worked on refreshing the colour palette used. The main colours were orange, grey and white. We didn’t want to diverge too much from the original colour scheme but we did want to make it feel more modern and refreshing whilst still maintaining a corporate feel. We introduced a gradient going from a light yellow to the original orange colour. We also introduced a secondary colour gradient of magenta going through to purple. This new refreshed look was then applied to office signage and their new WordPress website.

Their website transformed from a 6-page brochure site to a 20-page website built in a Content Management System (CMS). Our client can now update the news page with the latest mortgage-related articles such as highlighting the latest government-backed mortgage schemes or informing the website viewer over different mortgage types, such as mortgages for the self-employed. The most important bit from our perspective is that our client can now communicate with their target audiences in a professional and eye-catching manner. One of the important things for our client is that it’s really easy to do. Apart from WordPress being relatively easy to use, we also produced a short training video that they can use for further reference.

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“Gerard at Contribute has been fantastic to deal with. He carried out a refresh of our branding, window display design, and a new website, all of which turned out amazing. Very creative, professional and generally just really nice to work with. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for assistance.”

Charlie Bradley, Owner of Mortgage Advice Solutions,

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