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Glasgow East End Community Carers empower carers by providing them with support and resources to improve their quality of life and develop the skills necessary to become more confident in their caring role. They have been providing support to carers in the East End of Glasgow since 1991. The organisation was originally formed by a group of local people who had experience of having to care for someone and they recognised that many individual carers needed support, advice, and information to allow them to continue in their caring role.

We were originally asked to produce a suite of leaflets that could showcase the range of groups and facilities on offer in their Shettleston office. Since our initial meeting, we have also worked on brand development, photography, and website design and development.

Specialisms covered:

Specialisms covered:

Glasgow Carers
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One of the projects that we were asked to work on was the development of a brand for their Play-Sense children’s group. Play-Sense is their pre-school playgroup dedicated to parents and their children with disabilities and additional support needs including autism, development delay, and physical disabilities. As well as designing it’s own unique look we were also asked to take pictures of their sensory room which is located within their main office. We jumped at the chance because we knew we could capture some really interesting shots with vibrant colours.

We have also taken part in several different carer meetings and social events, capturing the fun and relaxed atmosphere people can expect when they visit Glasgow East End Community Carers.

Connecting with Glasgow Carers

We have used some of these images on their new WordPress website that we designed and built for them. The website keeps carers up-to-date with the latest issues that may affect them in their carer role. It is also packed with information on benefits and grants people may be eligible for as well as giving energy-saving information and advice about council tax payments. Their new website also features ‘Recite Me’ software that adds a huge range of accessibility options to the site. People who are visually impaired can use the ‘read aloud’ function. The website can also be translated into over 100 languages and these languages can also be spoken through the read-aloud function as well. This enables Glasgow East End Community Carers to communicate with a huge amount of people who would usually be excluded from finding out vital information.

I just want to share some feedback about the website that Gerard at Contribute built for us;

‘Vibrant, colourful, fresh and clear. Brilliant. A very professional service that clearly knows its stuff and what it’s about. Well done. You should be very proud.’

‘Your website is fab! Looks amazing. Love the quotes. The language feature is just incredible. The pics make it personal, very human and real.’

These comments are from professionals and this is definitely how we want to be seen. The site is everything we hoped it would be. We are extremely happy with the finished website.”

Kaye Ramage, Carers Hub Manager