We Love Frames

We Love Frames make personalised, handmade frames and custom gifts to celebrate the special moments in life. We were asked to work on establishing a new brand and e-commerce website for them.


One thing We Love Frames wanted to convey was the handmade element of what it is they do, and that each item they produce is lovingly crafted by a person who cares about how the item looks, rather than manufactured in bulk in a factory somewhere!


Their website is their shop window. It is where they can showcase and promote their lovely products and give people the option of buying directly from We Love Frames. Our client is updating their website regularly after they received a step by step guide we put together for them, as well as spending some time showing them the backend of the website.


Working with someone as creative as Jenna at We Love Frames has been brilliant. We are delighted they like their new brand and website!