Construction Industry Plant Training oversee the training and testing of individuals that need accreditations to drive plant machinery. Based in North Lanarkshire, they approached us to redesign their website as they felt that their previous site was slightly out of date, and as it was a static HTML site, they felt that it was hard to keep the site up-to-date with relevant content.


After our first meeting, we both jointly agreed that the project was bigger than just building a new website. As with most projects, the first thing we looked at was their current brand. We jointly agreed that this was lagging behind their competitors, and before looking at the website, we needed to get this correct first. We had to get something that reflected who they were and what it is that they offer. We wanted to portray them as an established company with a solid reputation in the construction industry.


Once we were happy with the brand the next thing to tackle was their website. They felt that their previous website wasn’t achieving what they wanted it to, namely sell the company and drive up course bookings. They also felt that it was difficult to update and they wanted something that showcased what it is they offer clients. With this in mind, we set about building the new website in an easy to use content management system. This also allowed us to make the site transactional so people can go on-line and book courses.


Photography was always going to be important to illustrate the type of work CIPT undertakes and the sort of environment they operate in. As this was the case, we donned our wellies, a hard hat, and a high vis vest, and took a few shots on location at their training complex.