“It’s okay, it’s just a wee flyer that’s going out to 70 people. Nobody will mind if the logo is a bit stretched”… yes someone cares, I care for a start and so will your customers!”

Consistency is key in design. When you are developing a new brand you try to encapsulate what the company does and how this relates to their target audiences. You are capturing what makes that business special and what set’s them apart from their competitors. You are giving their target audiences the visual representation of the company that they will come to associate with their values, their staff, their products, their customer service.

As a designer you spend time crafting this visual representation and then for someone to come along and stretch it should be a crime!

Once a brand has been developed you must consistently apply that brand across all communication. From huge billboard advertising, massive e-commerce websites all the way down to the branded post-it notes and branded pens, the brand must be consistently applied. I’m often called pedantic by some clients but it’s just because I know that consistency is key in establishing and building a brand.

As part of a branding project we will produce a set of brand guidelines that our clients can refer to so they protect their brand image. It’s an easy to follow document that sets out the rationale behind the brand and stipulates how the brand should be applied to items.

Do your business a favour, do your brand a favour, do your designer a favour… use the guidelines!