Being able to communicate with your target audience and offer them services and products that will appeal to them involves targeted marketing. Many small to medium sized businesses just don’t have the internal resources that it takes to devise and implement a strategic marketing plan.

We can provide your company with the external marketing knowledge that your business needs to build your brand and talk to your target audience.

As part of your marketing plan we can assist you in all aspects of your marketing campaign starting with market research and a competitor analysis; find the right tactics to delivering your message; evaluation the campaign and finally, reviewing your marketing plan.

Social media

An interesting statistic is that one in every nine people on earth is on Facebook with the average user spending 15 hours a month on the social meda website. Just think about this: a tool that will allow you to talk directly to your target audience, sending them offers and keeping them up-to-date with what’s happening with your business or organisation. And the best bit? It’s free.

We help our customers use the correct social media platform to suit their needs – whether it’s Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Linked-In to name just a few. We help them to devise a strategy that maximises these free resources to enable them to promote their company or organisation, sell their products and services and talk directly to their target market.

Contact Contribute today so that we can work with you to produce a marketing plan that will help your engage your target audience and promote your business.